Wine and Cava

White wines
  • Fleur Du Cap Sav. Blanc
This wine has hints of citrus such as lemon and lime with a floral aroma.
  • Portillo Chardonnay
  • McManis Pinot Grigio
  • Freixenet Mia Sweet Table White
Red wines
  • Ergo Rojo
This red has hints of dark fruits, pepper and spice.
  • Porillio Pinot Noir
  • Ramon Cardova Rioja
  • Tres Buhis Tempranillo
  • Poema Dry Cava
  • Poema Rose Cava
  • Freixenet Ice Cuvee

Farmhouse Cocktails

  • Gluhwein (Mulled Spiced Wine) -10
This warm Swiss recipe is perfect for winter.
  • Cranberry Mule -12
Vodka, Fentimans ginger beer, Cranberry Secret. Simple & Perfect.
  • Farmhouse Hot Cider -10
Brandy and hot apple cider.
  • Gin Business -12
Gin, Basil, Lime.
  • Fall Fizzle (Apple/ Cranberry)
  • Pear Up Martini
  • Bose Farm Fashion


  • Fall Foliage
Orange, cranberry and seltzer. Stirred not Shaken.
  • Three-Day Weekend
Pineapple, ginger beer, grenadine
  • Spy on the Loose

Beer bottles

  • Amstel Light
  • Bengali IPA - Six Point
  • London Pride
  • Brooklyn Lager
  • Catskill NightShine Draft
  • The Crisp- Six Point
  • Magic Hat #9
  • Heineken
  • Shacksbury Cider- Draft
  • Bells Octoberfest -Draft
  • Corona
  • Heineken 00- Non Alcoholic
  • Upward Brewery Golden Ratio Draft
  • Stella Artios
  • Catskill Ball Lightning Draft

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